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Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong


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PostPosted: Mon 30 Aug 2010, 20:14    Post subject: Soldat Reply with quote
Here is the point, teeworlds loose his community for the moment... I continu to play but not so many.

To replace it, i've found this game : soldat.

It's a 2d game teesworlds-like! But without cartoon graphic. An horrible interface... but with 2 times play you will forget it 'cause this game is really addictiv!

About the game :
There is many mod : DM/TDM/CTF/Zombi/infiltration/rambo/run/race/realistic
Many weapon :
soldat wrote:
1. Desert Eagles
Akimbo weapon! An automatic hand-gun that can break a man's arm. That's why it doesn't fire so frequently but the bullets can easily pierce thick armor.

2. HK MP5
The most popular submachine-gun in the world. Fast and furious. In short ranges it can defeat heavy weapons.

3. AK-74
Modified version of Automat-Kalasznikov from 1947. Weapon of terrorists and most of world's army forces. The best rifle in the past 50 years.

4. Steyr AUG
This weapon looks like a toy but it sure isn't. With great speed it spits out bullets killing everything in a fast attack.

5. Spas-12
This Shotgun makes a massacre with its 12-Gauge bullets. The best weapon for close-contact.

6. Ruger-77
A hunting rifle. Very fast and accurate. Good for hunting deers and people.

7. M79
The famous grenade-launcher from the Vietnam War. Viet-Cong quickly ran to the bushes when they heard its characteristic sound. The 40mm grenade can blast anyone into pieces even after a shot behind a hill.

8. Barret M82A1
This sniper weapon has incredible power. It was designed to pierce tank armor. The Army didn't even plan to use it against people. But who cares?
Sniper mode available if you crouch or go prone.

9. M249 (FN Minimi)
The best machinegun with great firepower. Can be very helpful for backing-up your team.

10. XM214 Minigun
The famous "O'll Painless" from the movie Predator. This chaingun is mounted on army helicopters. It uses a tremendous amount of ammo and can kill the same amoun of enemies.

Standard arsenal:

Standard US special forces weapon. You get it always after respawn as a secondary weapon.

Combat Knife
Standard infantry combat knife. One direct hit with this little thing eliminates the enemy at once. Best for covert operations.
Can be also used as a throw knife with the throw weapon button.

A chainsaw used for cutting piles of wood. If somebody finds a different use for this please let everybody know.

Anti-tank weapon, fires an explosive missile. Can be used only from the crouch position.

After throwing out your weapon you can play Rocky.

There is grenade and that's really fun 'cause when you where touch by an explosion you'll hear only a squeak. It's hard to play with it : don't hear weapon, ennemi mouvement etc...!

Another big thing is that you got a jet pack to help your move. One last is that you can crouch and lie down, do back flips that will improve your movement.

Well to close this bad english post (sorry for that!) some screenshot :

And here is two videos :

Have fun!
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PostPosted: Mon 30 Aug 2010, 20:14    Post subject: Publicité
PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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PostPosted: Mon 30 Aug 2010, 20:36    Post subject: Soldat Reply with quote
Very old game, but it's really cool indeed
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PostPosted: Sun 5 Sep 2010, 22:57    Post subject: Soldat Reply with quote
Haven't tried it yet. Shame on meh
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PostPosted: Today at 08:48    Post subject: Soldat
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